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Transport tank

Above-ground double-walled steel tanks. Used to refuel machinery and supply auxiliary equipment with diesel, non-vehicle diesel or fuel oil, from 250 to 2980 L. UN/ADR approved for full transport on public highways.

Robustank Essentiel

Transportable fuel storage tank
Available in 450 | 710 | 924 L

Robustank Performance

Transportable fuel storage tank
Available in 928 | 2065 | 2829 L

Robustank Compact

Transportable fuel storage tank
Available in 2 100 | 3 000 L

Robustank Mixte

856 + 90 | 1 840 + 200 | 2 610 + 290

Transport in complete safety

Our range of transport tanks is composed of IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers) approved by the United Nations for transport on public highways in accordance with ADR regulations. They can therefore very easily be moved from one location to another without the need for emptying or degassing.

Reliable and versatile

The TransCube and Abbi stand out for their reliability, strength and manoeuvrability. Built entirely using double-walled steel, they have a containment of 110% of the total volume, which eliminates any risk of environmental pollution.