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ADR approved tank inspections

Do you have an ADR regulation approved tank? Use our specific service now! We are authorised by the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition to inspect all the ALOREM IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Container) that we supply.


Why have your IBCs inspected by ALOREM?

Using our services to inspect your ADR-approved diesel fuel tanks means:

  • Time saving: we provide an A to Z service within 7 business days after the receipt of the tanks on our site. We can also arrange to transport the tanks to our premises if you wish.
  • A single point of contact: no time wasted in administrative discussions between several service providers
  • Quick repair of non-conformities: we have the necessary spare parts in stock

You will therefore get your repaired diesel fuel tanks back, along with a new user manual and a duplicate of the packaging performance certificate. So you can carry on transporting your full tanks on the public highway in complete safety!

Don’t wait any longer, consider having your ALOREM transport tanks inspected

ADR inspections

The inspection takes place on our premises in Beynost (01).

 Details of the service:

  • Initial check by a qualified person
  • Preparation work (in particular for the leak test)
  • Identification of the IBC and its marking (supply of the user manual and the duplicate of the packaging performance certificate)
  • Leak test using calibrated devices
  • Issue of the regular IBC inspection report

For more information, contact or call +33 (0)4 78 88 20 04.

ADR regulations: mandatory inspections

All holders of tanks approved for transport on public highways (IBCs) are required to have 2 types of inspections carried out by an approved body. Therefore, every IBC must be inspected every 2.5 and 5 years from the date of manufacture indicated on its serial plate.

Without these inspections, holders are no longer authorised to transport their full tanks on the public highway and are subject to criminal sanctions. Also note that tank holders must keep a log of all inspection dates and repairs made to the product. For this purpose, have the approved body complete the document provided at the back of the tank user manual.

Furthermore, all damaged IBCs must be repaired in accordance with the original model followed by a mandatory inspection by an approved body.

> Regulatory reference texts: ADR regulations and French decree of 29 May 2009 (Decree on the Transport of Hazardous Materials THM)