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DechetBox Exel

Available from 1450 to 5000 L

The DechetBox Exel provides an optimum and secure logistics solution for the storage of waste oils.

 It is ergonomic, clean and easy to use. With its low collection tank, the oil can be transferred into the tank without risk to the user and the environment.

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    Standard equipment


    The DechetBox Exel is equipped with:

    • Fork slots on 2 sides
    • 4 lifting rings (empty lifting only)
    • 1 secure pump housing, over containment
    • 1 large door with 3-point locking at the front
    • 1 collection tank 22 cm above the ground: +/- 125 L
    • 1 filter and drum draining grid
    • 1 built-in semi-rotary manual pump
    • 1 access to the internal tank (via the manhole)
    • 1 vent: internal tank
    • 1 leak detector
    • 1 mechanical gauge with dial
    • 1 suction drainage point, symmetrical connection DN50


    The DechetBox Exel is designed for the collection of waste oils. The authorised oils are:

    • Black oils (motor oils, quenching, rolling, drawing and other whole metalworking oils)
    • Clear oils (from transformers, hydraulic circuits and turbines)

    The DechetBox Exel is equipped with containment capable of containing 110% of the internal tank capacity in order to eliminate any risk of pollution and protect the environment.

    Waste oils are transferred from the collection tank to the internal tank using a semi-rotary hand pump. For more convenience, you can choose an electric pump (optional).


    Complies with French and European waste oil collection and processing standards.

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