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Envirocube Container

Available in 10,000 | 24,000 L

The Envirocube Container consists of a double-walled steel tank built into a container casing. It is ideal for powering generators.

 With its closed containment and secure housing, it is ideal for outdoor use in extreme conditions.

  • Norme BS799 -5
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Standard equipment


The Envirocube Container is equipped with:

  • Fork slots on 2 sides
  • 4 Twist-lock corners at the top and bottom of the container
  • 1 secure housing, on containment
  • 1 double door with 8-point locking at the front
  • 1 hatch for the passage of hoses
  • 1 internal tank access
  • 1 access ladder
  • 2 vents: internal tank and containment
  • 1 leak detector
  • 1 pump support and 1 distributor support on a stand
  • 1 mechanical gauge with dial
  • 1 symmetrical offset 2” connection for filling
  • 4 1” intakes: flexible rod, valve, strainer, 1” valve
  • 4 discharges with 1” cap
  • 1 filling limiter


The Envirocube Container is designed for the storage of large quantities of diesel and non-vehicle diesel. Its container shape makes it easy to move around the world (empty only). It is the ideal solution for power generators over long periods of time.

Its double door gives access to a secure pump housing on containment. All equipment is easy to access to simplify use.

The inner tank, made of double-walled steel, has a 100% containment of the total volume.

The standard container is white with customisation possible on request.



Internal tank is built to BS799 Part 5: 2010 standards
In accordance with French decree of 1 July 2004
Designed according to ISO 668 and ISO 1496 standards
Compliant with the CSC standard

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