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How to store AdBlue® ?


AdBlue® regulations : storage as per the ISO 22241-3 standard

Composed of 32.5% of urea and 67.5% of demineralised water, AdBlue® is not classified as a hazardous material, but
requires specific storage conditions. AdBlue® regulations in particular include the European ISO 22241-3 standard which defines good practices. 

Choose product storage :

  • Protected from light, 
  • At a temperature above -5°c to prevent the solution from solidifying (between 0°c and 30°c for optimum storage conditions),
  • In a dry and clean location to prevent the product from being contaminated during handling,
  • In a suitable AdBlue® storage tank because the solution is corrosive and must only come into contact with non-oxidising metals or plastic materials.

The characteristics of an AdBlue® storage tank

According to AdBlue® regulations, the storage tank must meet certain criteria.

AdBlue® storage can also be considered in hermetically sealed containers on pallets.