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What are the French ICPE regulations ?


What is an ICPE classified site ?

The French Environment Code considers that an ICPE (Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment) classified site is an installation owned by a natural person or legal entity, whether public or private, of which the activity leads to possible nuisances or significant risks of pollution covering :

  • The protection of nature and the environment
  • Public health
  • The protection of sites and monuments 
  • Agriculture
  • Neighbourhoords

Applicable ICPE regulations

An ICPE nomenclature lists the activities subject to the applicable ICPE regulations. The categories are defined depending on :

  • The use or storage of specific substances such as hazardous materials or products that are toxic to the environment, 
  • The type of activity, such as agri-food, timber, waste, etc. 

In order to reduce the risks and impact of these installations, the legislation has defined a regulatory framework for the procedures to follow and how ICPE classified sites should be managed.

For commissioning, ICPE regulations impose :

  • A declaration to the “préfecture” for the least polluting and hazardous activities
  • An authorisation from the Prefect for each ICPE site that has serious environmental risks or nuisances,
  • Registration at the town hall when the risk is controlled (operators must prove their compliance with the technical risk and nuisance prevention measures).