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What are the ADR regulation standards ?

What are ADR regulations ?


ADR (European agreement for the transport of hazardous materials by road) is designed to prevent professional and environmental risks. The ADR regulations consider hazardous any materials or goods that may physically injure a person and damage the environment during transport by road, sea or rail. Furthermore, waste can also be subject to ADR regulations during its transport. Breaching the law can result in heavy fines.

ADR regulations: strict and precise standards

To prevent accidents related to the transport of hazardous goods by road, many standards are imposed, in particular:

  • Packaging in suitable packaging depending on the hazard level and the type of product being transported
  • An identification number for the product being transported
  • Signage and labelling of the container (essential elements for emergency services to be able to identify hazardous goods in the event of an accident)
  • Specific vehicle equipment (two fire extinguishers, a mandatory telecommunications system for all vehicles registered in France, 2 to 3 speed indicator disks)

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