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Why clean your fuel tank ?


The reasons to regulary maintain and clean your fuel tank

Over time and refuelling, your tank quality may be altered.


  • Accompanying the condensation phenomenon inherent to all tanks, oxidation may be found at the bottom of the tank.

  • Corrosion may cause leak tightness issues that can result in leaks or a pollution risk. A fuel tank that is not leak tight can lead to the deterioration of the product being stored and the release of flammable vapours.

  • Hydrocarbon sludge forms at the bottom of the tank due to the sediments contained in the fuel and other matter such as fine dust. When mixed with newly added fuel, this sludge alters fuel quality.

  • Bacterial growth is favoured in an environment that features sludge, condensation and possible corrosion. Cleaning prevents the appearance and growth of bacteria, fungi or yeasts.

Full cleaning to maintain the quality and performances of your fuel tank

A cleaned and maintained fuel tank keeps its optimum performances. Fuel quality is maintained. Regular cleaning makes it possible to check for leakage, avoid all pollution risks and prevents possible breakdowns. Altered fuel can have consequences on your refuelled machinery and equipment as well as on your fuel tank accessories (pumps for example).

For professionals checking and cleaning fuel tanks every 5 years is recommended.