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What is the difference between transport and storage tanks ? 

Fuel, diesel and non-vehicle diesel are hazardous products for which transport and storage must comply with strict regulations. All holders of this type of flammable and polluting liquid must be appropriately equipped. ALOREM proposes approved, functional and strong solutions that guarantee secure transport and storage.

The difference between transport and storage tanks

  • Storage tanks

Storage tank are designed to fuel vehicle fleets. Designed with double steel walls, our range of container type tanks is strong and versatile. Depending on the model, tank storage capacity varies from 1400 to 60 000 liters. Storage tanks are designed to remain static (on a flat, concrete surface), however, they are easy to mvoe (when empty) to other sites using their lifting rings and fork passages. 

cuve-transport-3000 L
  • Transport tanks

Transport tanks are ADR approved, and can therefore be transported full on the public highway. These all terrain tanks are ideal for refuelling machinery or vehicles on work sites, or for supplying power generators. Coupled to a manual or battery powered pump, they are especially suited to off-grid locations. Transport tanks are easy to handle using their lifting rings and fork passages. Their storage capacity varies from 250 to 2980 litres.


Our storage and transport tanks share their versatility and strength over time. They can be used to store diesel, fuel oil or non-vehicle diesel. Some models are also suitable for storing AdBlue.

How to choose between a storage or a transport tank ?

Whatever your constraints, we have solutions available that are adapted to every situation. Depending on your sector of activity and your needs, these are some questions to help you choose between a storage or a transport tank.

  • Do you need to refuel your machinery or vehicles in different locations?
  • Do you need to travel to locations that are difficult to access (work sites, mountains, etc.)?
  • Do you need to supply power generators?
  • Do you have very limited space and want to avoid civil engineering works?

In that case, choose a transport tank such as the TransCube Contract, the TransCube Global or the Abbi.

  • Do you need to store large volumes of fuel?
  • Do you need to supply your vehicle fleet?
  • Do you have a sufficiently large flat area and/or are ready to undertake civil engineering works?

In which case you should choose a storage tank.

Whatever your sector of activity or your logistics issues, ALOREM has effective and efficient solutions. Our expertise can provide you with informed advice to select the transport or storage tank adapted to your business.  Feel free to get in touche with our customer department if you require more information.