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What solutions for ADR transport ?

For ADR transport synonymous with reliability and safety, it is essential to choose tanks that meet the standards imposed by the ADR regulations.  

TransCube, the reference for diesel ADR transport

Designed to meet the everyday needs of professionals, TransCube is an ALOREM double-walled steel tank with ADR approval. Whether for storage or refuelling, it meets the strict road transport standards for hazardous materials and liquids. Reliable, easy to handle and solid, these tanks are designed to store and transport diesel, non-vehicle diesel or fuel.  Their capacity varies from 250 to 2980 L. Operating in the most severe conditions, TransCube meets the needs of the most demanding sectors of activity.

Abbi, the tank on a road chassis for even more mobility

Ideal for storing or refuelling diesel, non-vehicle diesel and AdBlue, ABBI is a tank that is adapted to transporting hazardous materials by road. Built with a steel double wall, it meets the strict ADR regulation standards. An innovating design, a road chassis version, easy handling, strength and faultless reliability make this ALOREM tank an ideal model for transporting, storing and distributing your hazardous liquids.  ABBI has a capacity varying from 985 to 1940 L.