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Which regulations apply to AdBlue®?


Storing and transporting AdBlue®

AdBlue® is a corrosive solution but is not a health or environmental risk.  Non-flammable and non-explosive, it is not classified as a hazardous material for transport and storage. AdBlue® regulations are therefore less strict than for high risk products.

It should be noted that AdBlue® is not subject to the European agreement on international goods transport (ADR).

The European ISO 22241 standard defines the rules to follow, in particular to store the solution and select a suitable AdBlue® tank. As it is vulnerable to heat, light and dust and because it is corrosive, the solution must have a specific storage system.

Regulations and AdBlue® storage tanks

AdBlue® regulations recommend the use of storage tanks designed using non-oxidising materials or using materials with specific coatings.

The coating must provide protection from direct light and dust to prevent the solution being contaminated. Furthermore, AdBlue® storage tanks must be located in areas where the temperature is ideally between 0°c and 30°c. Finally, it is important to remember that AdBlue® crystallises at -11.5°C

Note: it is recommended to wear gloves, protective eye-wear and breathing protection when handling the product.

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