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What is a fuel tank ?


A tank suitable for fuel transport and storage

Fuel tanks fulfil  the needs of professionals in terms of transport and storage. Easy handling (lifting rings,
fork passages depending on the model), strength and performance are the
characteristics of double-walled steel fuel tanks.

This solution has advantageous characteristics for your activity: 

  • Transport your fuel
  • Refuel your machinery and equipment on work sites 
  • Supply your power generators 
  • Etc.

A versatile fuel tank

Above-ground fuel tanks have many advantages regardless of the sector of activity : 

  • ADR approval: these fuel tanks can be used for road transport compliant with applicable standards.
  • Double-walled steel design : they provide optimum reliability and safety. 
  • Elimination of pollution hazards : a steel containment of 100% of the total volume prevents contamination risks. 
  • Fuel capacity of up to 60,000L depending on the tank (in particular for storage).
  • Adapted to market demand : the fuel tank models can be used for other types of fuel such as diesel or non-vehicle diesel. In particular, ALOREM proposes a versatile fuel transport tank offering maximum safety.